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Red, White & Royal Blue meets The Nightmare Before Christmas in this sexy, quirky romcom where the golden-hearted Prince of Christmas falls for the totally off-limits Prince of Halloween.


The holidays are never easy—especially when the future of the world’s holly jolly spirit rests on your shoulders.


Nicholas “Coal” Claus used to love Christmas. That was before his father, the reigning Santa, turned the holiday into an elaborate PR façade, and now Coal spends the most wonderful time of the year begrudgingly smiling for cameras while plotting how to escape performative responsibilities with his brother, Kris, and best friend, Iris.


Until this year, when his father’s newest ruse brings an unexpected guest to their annual Christmas extravaganza: Hex Hallow, the Prince of Halloween. Coal falls hard and fast for Hex’s hidden smiles and subtle wit—not to mention his penchant for corset vests—but there’s just one problem: Hex’s presence at the Claus Christmas Celebration is one big stunt to enact a takeover of Halloween so Christmas can extend its reach beyond just one merry monopolized holiday.


Coal is under strict orders to stay away and let the takeover play out.


If only Coal was good at following orders.


As he begins unravelling his father’s trickery, he must fight both for the man he desires and the holiday he just might still care about. But is wanting to bring true joy to the world even possible, or should Coal just shape up and give into his destiny?


The holidays, amiright?


The Nightmare
Before Kissmas

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